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November 6, 2017

Hardt Corporate Services provides outsourced, personal, professional and customised back end office support and assists mortgage brokers to improve the overall profitability of their business.

We offer loan submission, loan processing, administration and quality control services enabling you, the business owner to concentrate on prospecting for new clients, creating new referral relationships, managing your database, writing more loans for more clients and servicing your existing clients. Our services deliver cost-effective ways to bring efficiency and volume growth, improved profits and a higher value to your business.

We remove the back office headache, client follow up, the gathering of outstanding documents, keeping the borrower and broker informed electronically and personally throughout the process. Our administration professionals are completely conversant with lender procedures and we understand the demands of the finance professional.

Our aim is to remove your processing pressures, freeing you to do what you do best.

Personalised Services – One person allocated to your business

You will be provided with ONE PERSON who will become part of your team who is dedicated and available Monday through Friday on your files and control the file from start to finish. One team member for submissions and one team member for post submission to settlement!

It is critical that you have one team member, dedicated and focussed on your business, who will know your processes and understand your requirements and have full control of your files from start to finish. Your team member will represent your business name and provide high level customer service to you and your clients throughout the entire file process. Your clients will have direct access to your team member so they can email and call at any time as required, however your team member will be providing regular updates and CC you into all communication.

It is critical that we provide high customer service throughout the file process as this will reflect well on your business and the desired referrals that are required ongoing. Your team member will provide updates to your clients via email (and phone as required) every 2-3 days and ensure the file is proactively followed up and high communication takes place every step of way for the broker, clients and all third parties. Your team member will provide a daily or weekly tracker that will show you at a glance a summary status on each of your active files in our care.

It is important that you can build trust and relationship with your team member who is dedicated to you and provide a service that meets all your requirements and expectations. It is important for you to build and maintain a strong relationship and communication and act like they are part of your team, which is the case at all times.

All of this provided for one fee per file and no hidden costs or ongoing fees to maintain our service. I believe that if we do a great job, you will continue to come back to us for your back end needs.

Customised Services – Tailored for your Individual Needs

We know every broker has varying requirements for back end support so we work with you to tailor your processing requirements to suit your business needs and budgets.

Our clients’ needs and requirements vary considerably from full loan submission through to settlement and there are many varying options in between. With this mind we also cater in offering you a menu to select the parts of our service which work in well with you.

When you decide to sign up for our services we will complete Broker Induction and review your loan process in detail and document this into what we call our Service Agreement and signed off by broker and HCS. This is a critical step so we are all on the same page and know exactly how to work with each broker and meet their particular requirements. Our objective is to ensure business owners enjoy real growth by providing them with tailored back end support to enable win win outcome for all parties.

Let us do what we do best and leave you to developing and growing your business.

Loan Processing Software System

There are many great platforms provided by each aggregator so we believe it is in our client’s best interest to have access to your online CRM for all loan processing, compliance and tracking of each file. This way we can make file notes and update your client file and you can be kept up to date on each loan, one of the exclusive and distinctive services we pride ourselves in providing to you our client. Our Account Managers are experienced and highly trained in most of the aggregator software systems.

Compliance, Confidentiality and Privacy

HCS is fully aware of the compliance requirements for our brokers. We are familiar with many of the aggregator’s compliance requirements and procedures. We will ensure all compliance documentation is completed, signed and stored and file notes documented to ensure that every part of the file process can be tracked and accounted for.

HCS will provide a Broker Agreement that will ensure there is confidentiality and privacy for your database, files and client data. We understand the strictness of all information and HCS shall not at any time or for any reason, whether during the term of the agreement or after its termination divulge any Confidential Information to any third party.


HCS shall cause any person assisting HCS to sign an acknowledgement of their obligations to observe the confidentiality to the same extent as HCS.

HCS encourages each broker to utilise Dropbox and share a folder for the client files so that all information is owned by the broker. We request an email address be set up that represents your business name and used by our allocated team member and ensuring all information remains with you. Along with this the use of your CRM ensures that all data is stored and remains in ownership by the broker.

Your Commitment to our services

HCS provides a professional, high quality, reliable, customised and personalised service to your business. In order to continue this high quality and offering ONE team member who looks after your files, it requires brokers who use the service to be upfront and committed to do what they say they will do in providing us with the files and income to sustain YOUR team member. Along with this consistency I need you to let us know if this is a short term fix for your business or service you are committing to for the longer term to grow and sustain your business.

As you are aware it is payment per file however I rely upon your commitment and communication to the service to ensure my team continue to receive the ongoing work and income. It is a relationship based business and to this end I give my full commitment to provide ONE team member who is able to provide a high quality ongoing, personalised and customised service. This is what sets me apart from my competitors – to provide a consistent team member to your business who provides very high customer service to you and your clients.

However, your commitment to me is the volume of files and when this is communicated then we are expecting this to take place unless otherwise notified. As you can appreciate I cannot keep a happy team if we are not receiving the files as promised to maintain consistency of income. I am asking my team for a huge commitment as contractors – getting paid per file and relying on me to ensure each broker commits to the service.

You would have a clear idea of your sales pipeline so please be honest and let me know so I can manage the expectations for the team at my end and ensure I can continue to provide the service to your business which is my commitment. This is a two way business relationship and I rely upon your honest communication, professionalism and integrity that you are committed to our service.

Business Model that can grow with your Business Needs

HCS has a team of professional, committed and strong finance trained contractors who understand our business model of providing a strong personalised service and building a long term business relationship with each broker. We will never be a team where you call and get 3 people working on your file or off shore team members. We understand the need for high customer service to both the brokers and clients and that you need to have access to your team member at all times Monday through Friday.

The HCS team are committed to providing a personalised, customised and long term service and enjoy becoming part of your team.

HCS can grow as your file numbers grow. If required, a second team member can come on board if volume requires this. As brokers needs change and grow then we can grow with your business.

The HCS model can bring on more team members as volume requires so you are safe and secure that we can meet all of your requirements. We also have a number of team members so if your team member requires any type of leave, then another of the HCS team can step in and take over the files during that period. The team are all trained in the processes, customer service and CRM so we will ensure the service will continue at all times.

Take a well earned Break and Overflow of files

HCS team member will continue on your files so you can take a well earned break and if you are a business with fluctuating volume then we are available to take the over flow of files as required.

In summary, we are a committed team who understand the needs of each business owner can vary, and we are here to be a great resource to give you the freedom to build and operate your business without the administrative nightmare and allow you to do what you do best!!

Scope of Work Menu

Broker Responsibility with Loan

  •   Qualify client at first appointment/detailed Fact Find
  •   Credit Guide provided to client
  •   Service Calculator/confirm lender product/broker notes
  •   Gather supporting documentsLoan Application
  •   Collates the documentation
  •   Follow up any outstanding supporting documentation with client
  •   Update client details and data into your online system
  •   Prepare draft application for checking prior to final submission
  •   Order valuation if required
  •   Application submitted online; fax supporting documents to lender

Loan Application

  •  Collates the documentation
  •  Follow up any outstanding supporting documentation with client
  •  Update client details and data into your online system
  •  Prepare draft application for checking prior to final submission
  •  Order valuation if required
  •  Application submitted online; fax supporting documents to lender

Post Submission

  •  Clients to sign application, compliance documents/copies to client
  •  Advise client, third parties of submission
  •  Update application details into online system
  •  Ongoing communication with client
  •  Notify client if submission declined (broker responsibility)
  •  Pre-approved: notify client and update online system
  •  Follow up pre-approval period after one month/two months if no
    purchase has been completed
  •  For purchases note when finance is due
  •  Conditional approval: notify client and update online system
  •  Follow up valuations ordered/completed and notify client/update online system

Unconditional Approval

  •  Notify client and third parties
  •  Follow up documents are sent out from lender
  •  Update online system
  •  Original FHOG to lender/follow up approval
  •  Verify settlement date and time

Settlement – Post Settlement

  •  Settlement letter & originals to client
  •  Update online system (noting address change)

If requested for additional fee:

  •  Thank you note to referrer
  •  Client satisfaction survey sent
  •  Post settlement reminders

Hardt Corporate Service Fees & Structures

Broker Mobilisation Fee

A once off Broker Mobilisation Fee is paid to HCS for setting up all communication tools, administration documentation, email links and documenting the loan process in our Service Agreement thus ensuring a thorough & accurate set up to take the first file. $350.00 (excl GST). This fee is to be paid whether files are received or not, as HCS is completing the induction and set up based upon receipt of your Executed Broker Agreement.



Payment Terms

Hardt Corporate Services Packages designed to cater for all your loan processing requirements.

HCS invoices 50% on submission and 50% on settlement of the file fee. An invoice is issued and there is 5 working day payment terms, payment via EFT. Brokers on the Platinum package can request monthly invoicing.



Blue Ribbon Package – Service Fee Structure B & C


HCS lodges the loan application and processes to settlement.

This fee will be invoiced 50% to be paid upon submission and the remainder 50% to be paid after settlement within 5 working days.



Premium Package – Service Fee Structure C


The Broker lodges application, then HCS processes to settlement.
This fee will be invoiced to be paid upon settlement within 5 working days.



Basic Package – Service Fee Structure B


HCS lodges application, and The Broker processes to settlement.

This fee will be invoiced after submission to be paid within 5 working days.



*Pricing per files for all packages is based upon volume of each broker – there is Silver, Gold and Platinum pricing and further discounts apply for higher volume brokers. Refer to page 5 for detailed pricing.


If none of these suit, let us design a package for you!

The best part of our services is that we listen to you, our clients, we can help design a custom made package to meet your total business needs.



Silver – low volume brokers/adhoc files (1-2 files per month) required for processing. HCS will provide a high customer centric service with their allocated Account Manager who is highly qualified, professional team member to process your files and no additional fees at any time you continue with our services.


Gold – medium volume brokers (3-4 files per month) required for processing. HCS will provide a high customer centric service with their allocated Account Manager who is highly qualified, professional team member to process your files and no additional fees at any time you continue with our services.


Platinum – high volume brokers who will require 5+ files per month for processing. HCS will encourage and reward brokers who are consistently providing ongoing work for their allocated Account Manager to ensure the broker and their clients receive premium service and ensure this is cost effective, streamlined to enable brokers to grow their business. There is the option to request monthly invoicing.

All above pricing is GST Exclusive
Pricing is effective from January 1st, 2017 for 12 month period.

Fee Structures Variations and Benefit

* Add $125 for construction loans for progress payments/draw downs if you request us to complete this.

* Will review costs for commercial loans based upon each file.

* SMSF deals will attract additional fee per hour for submission.

* If a loan is not approved then only first payment of the submission fee is paid.

* All work completed attracts immediate payment of $50 per hour if a file is withdrawn or placed on hold by the broker for any reason.


Monthly invoicing available for Platinum brokersall files that are submitted or settled during the calendar month will be invoiced once per month for payment at the end of the month. Please note: must be actively giving 4+ submissions per month to be a platinum broker to enjoy this cash flow benefit to your business with monthly invoicing!



Volume Monthly Discounts

*These apply to where there are 5 or more loans being processed with one broker in a month, there is a special offer of 7% discount; 10 or more in a month 10% discount.



Marketing/Telemarketing Services

Hardt Corporate Services understands that not only are the back end processes pivotal, frontline marketing is essential to fill the pipeline. We have a mortgage industry senior marketing specialist able to provide support to implement your core business strategies. From marketing planning & strategy to lead generation implementation including telemarketing, direct marketing and social media services and customer relationship management we cover it all for you – cost effectively. Ask for a quote.


Tailor made services to suit your business, your needs, your individual budgets.
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
1) Give us a call to discuss your requirements.
2) Let us work with you to design a menu that will work with your price structure. 3) Allow us do the rest.

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