Michael Coombes
SouthShore Finance
Western Australia

I was introduced to Hardt CS by another broker who highly recommended their professionalism and quality of work. The team at Hardt CS have significantly reduced my costs associated with processing loans while dramatically increasing the efficiently at which the loans are completed.

Moving from an in-house model of loan processing to outsourcing was a smooth transition, thanks to the experienced team at Hardt CS. I initially had resistance from my brokers but after only a matter of a few weeks we could all see the benefits and now everyone is 100% behind outsourcing to Hardt CS. This is one of the best business decisions I have made over the past few years.

Sam Randeria
Integra Finance Solutions
Western Australia

When we started with Hardt CS a few months ago, I was unsure what to expect when it came to the benefits of outsourcing our loan processing

However, the benefits are clear with the one on one personalised service we receive from our Account Manager which has allowed us to process more loans with greater efficiency. Our Hardt CS Account Manager has become part of my team and is a fantastic resource to have. The professionalism we have received from Hardt CS is second to none. We will continue to be advocates for this company. Thank you for everything Hardt CS.

Joe Canni
Allied Funding
Commercial Lending

I knew what I wanted from a loan processing company as I had been with a competitor of Hardts previously and was unhappy with the service. Hardts were able to tick all the boxes for me – they are Australian based and offer a one on one service so I know who I am dealing with on every loan.

I use Hardts for everything from compliance to lodgment and all the way to settlement. This not only saves me time but I often find settlement occurs faster and this is important in my area of commercial lending. Any broker who is thinking about using online loan processing, I would highly recommend trying Hardts as their professionalism and personalised services are second to none.