Frequently Asked Questions

Hardt Corporate Services will become part of your team as each broker works with ONE TEAM member from start to finish, supporting your business and its growth. We have professional administrators representing each state in Australia who not only love what they do but want to lighten the load so you can spend more time bringing in the business.

We offer a competitive fee structure designed to cater for all your loan processing requirements. You are not locked into a contract with Hardt Corporate Services as we believe our quality service and expertise is what brokers are looking for. Contact us here for a detailed quote to cater for your business needs.

Hardt Corporate Services works virtually and onsite in your office providing loan processing services to suit your particular needs. There is no ongoing contract to tie you down. You can use the service on a “as needs” basis. You decide what options suit your business budget and requirements. These could be:

  • Ongoing full loan submission and tracking through to settlement
  • Once you have completed submission, we can track the loan through to settlement
  • Initial contact and follow up of leads, full submission through to settlement
  • Going on leave – we can track your loans so you can take a well-earned break
  • Overflow – when you need an extra set of hands
  • Any other back end and administration tasks? We love doing the tasks you hate to do!

We process loans with all lenders.

Hardt Corporate Services represents you, the broker and your brand – as an extension of your business. Your clients will always know they are working with your office and not a third party processing company. We let your clients know we are part of your team, using your company name and email address.

As we are working for you, you can either receive the correspondence and forward this to Hardt Corporate Services for action or you can have the emails come directly to us.

The most efficient way to process loans for your business is to use the CRM available from your aggregator. We simply require a username and password so we can process and submit the loan application on your behalf. We update your CRM continually with notes as we track the loan through to settlement, giving you complete access to the information at all times.

Yes we do. We understand the different regulations in each state in Australia and have expert staff who will look after your business, becoming an integral part of your team.

Due to the volume of loans we process, we have developed exclusive relationships with many lenders this assists fast track the applications. Your team member has been expertly trained in loan processing and is dedicated to making the process of loan submissions as efficient as possible.

Yes, we follow up with your client when further supporting documentation is required. Once the submission is completed, we track the loan and keep all parties informed and updated, requesting additional information when required. With Hardt Corporate Services expertise on your team, we try to use as much initiative as possible so you can get on with the job of developing your business.

Hardt Corporate Services is not qualified to make any decisions or give advice in regard to the finances, lender or application to your clients. We simply assist you in submission and tracking the loan through to settlement. We use our initiative to request supporting documentation, follow up with lenders and ensure the loan is processed in a timely manner.

Your Hardt Corporate team member will be able to manage your files and contact your clients while you are away. We will only contact you if there is an emergency, which is highly unlikely.

Hardt Corporate Services invoices 50% on submission and the remaining 50% once settlement occurs. Payment is to be made within 5 working days of the invoice issued.

Submission of the loan will be within a 48-hour period upon receipt of the application, supporting documentation and any other additional information.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Call us on 1300 272 338 to discuss your particular needs.
2) Set up the appropriate documentation.
3) Set up access to your CRM and off we go.