Not Enough Hours?

Streamlined Processes

Our Corporate Services Team will take the hassle and frustration out of the day to day running of your business and leave you to do what you do best…

 Not Enough Hours? [Streamlined Processes]

Need Rescuing?

Whatever you need we can do!

We tailor our service to meet your requirements. Flexibility is our catchcry!

Need Rescuing? [Whatever you need we can do!]

Try to Do It Yourself?

Industry Expertise

Our team has over 70 years’ experience in the mortgage industry which enables them to provide you with second to none loan processing support.

Try to Do It Yourself? [Industry Expertise]

Losing Customers?

Back End Brilliance

Our back end office support helps build relationships and assists mortgage brokers to improve the overall profitability of their business.

Losing Customers?  [Back End Brilliance]

Loan Processing

We provide Virtual Mortgage Loan Processing & Administration Services in Australia.

Hardt Corporate Services provides outsourced back end office support and assists mortgage brokers to improve the overall profitability of their business. We offer loan submission, loan tracking, administration and quality control enabling you, the business owner to concentrate on prospecting for new clients, creating new referral relationships, managing your database, writing more loans for more clients and servicing your existing clients.

Our services deliver cost-effective ways to bring efficiency and volume growth, improved profits and a higher value for your business. We remove your back office headache by undertaking client follow up, gathering outstanding documents and undertaking constant and personal communication  with your borrowers/clients throughout the process.

We make it easy for you to work with us:

1. There is no confusion we represent your brand to your clients
2. Just hand over the file and let us manage it for you to focus on the next loan
3. Flexibility is our catchcry and customise our services just for you
4. We use your aggregator software CRM
5. You can go on holiday and still be kept informed – we SMS updates
6. Provide a one stop support shop! – we offer telemarketing, marketing & promotion support

Why use Loan Processing Services?

Hardt Corporate Services’ passion is to support mortgage brokers enabling them to be more effective in achieving their business goals and achievements. We are professional loan processing administrators who love what we do and want to lighten the load so you can enjoy bringing in the business.